Imogen and you may Fiona stop Marisol out of their ways and start planning to help you planets finest festival off freeze!

Imogen and you may Fiona stop Marisol out of their ways and start planning to help you planets finest festival off freeze!

When you look at the In the Cool, Cooler Evening (1), this new rumor regarding Katie getting absent, and you may Marisol seizing scholar the advice enjoys bequeath. It exciting recommendations produces Fiona and you can Imogen’s preparations of going straight back in the Katie and you will Marisol into the prank they pulled from at the start of the year. Shortly after taking walks in complete confidence with the an advice conference and getting trashed because of the Marisol, Fiona requires things towards the her very own hands and you will arranges Mr. Simpson so you can commit to a frostival!

In On the Cool, Cool Nights (2), at first that which you appears fine. The new festival bundle is prepared, Fiona is doing a remarkable business during the putting everything, and you may Marisol was staying out-of-the-way – Imogen is perhaps all happy. She covers so you can Fiona’s to make the frostival design, and appear face to face that have an initial tempered and you can upset Fiona, telling their the newest frostival try a no go. But Imogen cannot simply remain indeed there and be shouted at the, zero. Fiona will get the lady

share from frustration off Imogen telling her this woman is an excellent quitter powering away. The fight results in Imogen to prevent Fiona’s apologetic calls. Imogen match up with Fiona at festival, happy and you may proud you to definitely Fiona succeeded within the pull it well. By night slide Fiona and Imogen are having a very good time along with her. On Ferris controls, Fiona chooses to share with Imogen just how she feels on the their, and you may kisses the lady. No matter if Imogen appears optimistic, Fiona is concerned and begins blabbering in regards to the break and you may swinging Ny. Imogen reassures Fiona, and you will kisses this lady back again to show the fresh new attitude try common. The latest drawback even when is Fiona thinking of moving Nyc as together with her loved ones – the truth is, Fiona says she’s going to getting going back to Degrassi to your next session – by doing this they can be with her.

Season a dozen

In Started Because you are (2), Mo try carrying auditions getting his brand new band. Apparently Imogen enjoys a liking to possess audio herself. As the previous thoughts this lady has made on Degrassi, she will come prepare to demonstrate an alternative, so when Mo phone calls they ”Odd but higher” results, singing together with ”singing” drinking water glasses.

Inside Had Your finances (1), this woman is first seen waiting around for Fiona from the bus stop and excitedly allowed the woman with an indicator. At school the two go so you can Fiona’s locker where it is now jock main. He informs them to kiss and Imogen gets embarrassing. Fiona declines as well as the a couple log off and you can Fiona initiate speaking of its dates. Imogen starts acting cooler, stating this woman is busy as well as in a ring and you can makes. Later on, she is viewed training the remainder of WhisperHug asking about after they will play their next stadium tell you. When Mo raises brand new behavior times and Zig claims he can not allow, she requires in the his and you will Tori’s wedding. When she observes the newest wristband that he had this lady, she looks out awkwardly. The woman is afterwards present in the new routine place which have Maya and you can Mo whenever Zig strolls in. She requires if Tori dumped your along the inexpensive bracelet and you will Mo draws the girl away.

Dallas flirts that have Fiona and she tells him you to Imogen is actually this lady wife

Into the Had Your money (2), she strolls as much as Fiona observe Dallas teasing along with her once more and you can gets envious. She begins to disappear whenever Fiona stops their and you will Imogen states that every she’s going to would is actually toss an event on her behalf whenever she messes upwards. Fiona claims that they’ll talk when they want and you may Imogen states which they are unable to because she elizabeth back. Fiona becomes distressed and you may will leave the girl by yourself to trust. Prior to WhisperHug works, she actually is seen providing Adam prepare when Fiona approaches. Fiona says to Imogen to talk and therefore she’ll indeed pay attention for once. Imogen claims one to she really does wish to be Fiona’s spouse but really wants to take it slow because it’s all new so you’re able to their. Fiona agrees and also the a couple compensate which have a kiss, and this Dallas observes, fulfilled. The two women go backstage and you will Imogen tells this lady bandmates you to definitely the woman is there and able together with her girlfriend and you will kisses Fiona toward cheek. Mo acknowledges him or her in addition they go onstage and do.