Increasing comprehension of scripture you to article simultaneously

Increasing comprehension of scripture you to article simultaneously

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After, inside chapters 11–fourteen, Nephi as well as profile an eyesight regarding his very own where of a lot of elements of Lehi’s fantasy is explained on help from several messengers: “this new Spirit of your own Lord” and an angel

[Page 269] Abstract: Lehi’s dream into the step one Nephi 8 and you will Nephi’s relevant attention from inside the step 1 Nephi eleven–fourteen include of a lot provides connected with the brand new biblical backyard out of Paradise, together with extremely conspicuously the newest forest off existence. An almost training of the options that come with Lehi’s fantasy during the light of basic Guide regarding Mormon text message shows subsequent similarities so you’re able to the fresh new biblical lawn, recommending your mode out of Lehi’s dream is largely the backyard out-of Paradise. Nevertheless the variations are academic. They might be both substantive keeps absent regarding biblical Heaven and variations in the words used to describe the features. Certain variant possess are also utilized in most other old creation profile. In view of those observations, it’s likely the book regarding Mormon presupposes a variation membership of the backyard of Heaven. It variant account models the background getting Lehi’s dream and almost every other references into yard throughout the Guide of Mormon.

“a forest, whose fruits try desirable to generate you to definitely pleased”; new fresh fruit is also called nice and very white (1 Nephi 8:10–12)

[Page 270] “a river from drinking water … close to the forest,” with an excellent “head” or “direct of the water feature” (step 1 Nephi 8:13–14, 17, 20, twenty-six, 32)

“an effective strait step 1 and you will slim roadway, hence arrived by rod out of metal” and you can “which led (un)into the tree” (step one Nephi 8:20–23)

These topographic have try showed in different ways within the Nephi’s eyes within the 1 Nephi eleven–14. As an instance, it appears to be as if there are two fountains for the Nephi’s attention, not merely one. Nephi describes among the fountains because if it was indeed both most nearby the forest or perhaps also emanating from it, having the guy produces the pole off iron led to that it fountain, “otherwise,” he says, “towards tree regarding life.” So it water feature Nephi calls “the water fountain from traditions waters … hence seas is a reflection of passion for Goodness” (step 1 Nephi ). The following water feature try said later on because of the Nephi’s angelic publication: “View the fresh water feature out of dirty drinking water and that thy dad noticed; yea, perhaps the lake at which he spake; plus the deepness thereof chatfriends isim deÄŸiÅŸtirme is the deepness out-of hell” (step one Nephi ). Later, Nephi affirms one Lehi had seen the filthy lake, however, your fact that it absolutely was filthy was not region out-of Lehi’s specific dysfunction (step 1 Nephi ).

The brand new direct topographic popular features of Lehi’s dream, because the recorded when you look at the step one Nephi 8, are going to be listed in order regarding physical appearance below:

Some other topographic element showed differently inside the Nephi’s membership is what really stands between your tree as well as the higher and you may roomy strengthening. Nephi makes reference to a great “great,” “dreadful,” and you can “terrible gulf coast of florida” you to distinguishes the new sinful members of the good and you can roomy building in the righteous individuals nearby the tree away from lifetime (1 Nephi ; ). It gulf of mexico is not clearly stated inside Lehi’s malfunction regarding his dream (at the very least in terms of this breakdown was said from the Nephi). In his subsequent explanation from his wish to his brothers, Nephi means this gulf coast of florida to the filthy lake (1 Nephi ).

Inside the an effective 1993 article, Corbin Volluz opposed Lehi’s dream for the lawn away from Paradise because the described into the Genesis dos–step 3. 2 Centered on Volluz, Nephi’s statement you to definitely “the fresh new justice from God performed plus separate brand new sinful on the righteous” (1 Nephi ) are linked to the presence of the newest “cherubim and you may a flaming sword” placed at the entrance with the lawn of Heaven (Genesis 3:24; Alma ; 42:2–3). step three Volluz and additionally links brand new “strait and you can thin highway” out of Lehi’s dream with the “technique for new forest of lifestyle” the cherubim safeguarded centered on Genesis step 3:twenty-four. cuatro Volluz comes to an end that forest into the Lehi’s fantasy, and this Nephi calls the fresh “forest of existence,” are the one and only the newest tree out-of life regarding backyard regarding Heaven.