The old composing options are very complicated once the introduce one to is very simple

The old composing options are very complicated once the introduce one to is very simple

The writing used today by Pleiadians/Plejarans leads returning to olden days and you will Semjase explained to Billy next regarding letters: The latest characters that they play with today are just 11 100 decades dated plus they used him or her during the time off their forefathers exactly who stayed in the world. It actually was create at the time by a number of of the researchers on the planet just who used constellations, obvious of Earth, given that templates. Whenever, consequently, its composing includes small groups and you will lines, after that this type of circles depict superstars as well as the quick contours simple contacts.

They connected certain constellations which means acquired certain variations

It writing was shed in the world immediately following it had been passed away in order to literate World some one because of the the ancestors and you will used in a good couple centuries, whereby it then not underwent several transform.Now, not totally all blogs belonging to individuals in the world (like the old Hebrews) possess modified and you will unrecognizable produced letters hence trace back once again to its creating.

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It factor because of the Semjase taken place in the 31 st contact to your 17 th away from July 1975 about what affair Billy questioned the lady to attract they, something she willingly did.

Since the forever the brand new Pleiadians/Plejarans have been using the new quantitative program that have wide variety 0 in order to nine, as is used now everywhere on the planet. The fresh new Pleiadian-Plejaran quantity was in different ways formed than others utilized now because of the vast majority in the world, and and that to start with arose from Indian numerals. New numerals popular today match the fresh new ten Arabic numerals of the quantitative system, in which it actually was the Arabs just who adopted the latest numerals on the Indians, whereupon the fresh numerals up coming originated in the newest West Arab Gobar numerals, or soil numerals, regarding 10th 100 years when you look at the Catalonia and you will is brought because of the monk Gerbert (later pope Silvester II.) into the formula brick into the occident, otherwise West business, by which during the time the latest numerals remained employed without brand new no.

This type of West Arab numerals is nearer to the fresh new Indian style of than just the modern Eastern-Arabian numerals which can be nevertheless in use. The latest numerals otherwise digits of your Pleiadian/Plejaran quantitative system are provided below:

All of our numerals, or amount and decimal system, ultimately prospects back into Pleiadian/Plejaran supply, because are the Pleiadians/Plejarans which on very early minutes, because of the technique of effect-telepathic transfer, educated mathematic talented people in Asia in connection with this, whereupon after the latest Arabs benefitted out of this, because this upcoming overran the matter program and you can quantitative system. The fresh Indians themselves composed their particular numerical symbols; thus the fresh Pleiadians/Plejaran amounts didn’t come in impact.

There are not any home automobile active from the Pleiadians/Plejarans to the Erra, just aerial car exist during, being of various designs as well as for more objectives. You will find hence zero roadways, just like the stated previously from the section home-based structures. Amongst the homes therefore the obtaining towns having aerial vehicle, plus in the latest country side, there are only pathways that are exclusively used by pedestrians so you’re able to cover reduced or prolonged ranges otherwise going for much time walks.

This type of walkways are not only employed by someone, and also androids, and therefore from the lay persons is actually indistinguishable off human beings. From the country side guides long trails by which none the fauna nor the fresh creatures are affected. For all people and you will merchandise transportation, for the an element of the world, suffice only simply aerial vehicles otherwise hanging flying objects, having various different motives, however, hence only have two different differences in the outside construction, ergo discover circular aerial vehicles or discus shaped stuff, where the fresh new discus aerial auto was just like the smaller area designs, which are in all of the products for space travelling.